As PoseidonAmmo, we enable you to shot your targets more easily and more accurately
with our air bullets designed to provide a safe and high quality shooting experience.

Leading Company in Air Gun Ammunition!

Poseidonammo is one of the Pioneer companies in the industry as a leading company in the production of high-quality bullets for air gun pellets. Our production is carried out using state-of-the-art equipment and materials, and we produce high-precision bullets. We offer our customers the highest quality air gun bullets by offering products that provide reliable, high performance and accurate shots.
Our product range includes bullets specially designed for different types of air guns such as air rifles and pistols. In our production process, we use superior quality control procedures and ensure that our customers always get reliable and precise results.
We always prioritize customer satisfaction with our quality products, customer-oriented approach and technical support services.

Reach the target with the right bullets!

Accurate shots start with the right bullets! Poseidonammo is a leading manufacturer of air gun ammo. Our high quality and reliable bullets provide the best shooting experience for rangers and air gun enthusiasts. If you want to feel safe all the time, hit the right target with Poseidonammo bullets!

Our Categories

PCB Slug

PCB Slug bullets are bullets manufactured using high-density lesd-antimony alloys and offer higher kinetic energy and penetration properties. Click on the image for details!

Airgun Pellet

Airgun Pellet bullets are air gun bullets that provide high quality and accurate shooting and are specially designed for different types of air guns such as air rifles and pistols . Click on the image for details!



Copper-plated bullets consist of compact lead cores and a special thick coating. Bullets are also calibrated to achieve the highest possible performance.

Quality with every shot, accuracy with every shot

At PoseidonAmmo, we place great emphasis on precision, accuracy, repeatability and correct material composition to produce the highest quality air bullets.
The high-quality materials used in the manufacture of bullets increase the precision and accuracy of our bullets. At the same time, the repeatability of our bullets ensures the same high performance with every shot, perfecting the shooting experience.
Our product range includes bullets manufactured in different shapes, sizes and materials to meet all types of shooting needs. We allow you to choose the right bullet for each target. With end shapes such as round nose, hollow point, pointed, I have the ability to produce suitable for every use.
As PoseidonAmmo, we always manufacture bullets using quality workmanship and the latest technologies. This helps us ensure the superior performance of our bullets and helps us provide the best shooting experience to shooting enthusiasts.

Study Our Principles

High quality

Providing our customers with high quality and reliable air gun bullets is one of the most important parts of our working principles. All of our products are manufactured using quality materials and manufacturing techniques and undergo a rigorous quality control process.

Customer happiness

The satisfaction of our customers is one of the main priorities of our business. That's why we strive to provide our customers with a fast, easy and secure shopping experience. We also respond quickly and effectively to customer requests.


As a leading company in the air gun bullets industry, we constantly strive to develop new and innovative products. By investing in our research and development activities, we always offer our customers the most innovative shells.

Wide Product Range

There are many different sizes, shapes, weights and types of air gun ammo on our site. In this way, our customers can easily find ammo suitable for their own air gun.

Fast and Safe Delivery

We strive to deliver our customers' orders quickly and safely. Our products are carefully packed and delivered to our customers as soon as possible.

Affordable Prices

We try to offer our customers quality products at affordable prices. We offer affordable options for anyone who wants to buy air gun ammo.

Curious About These  Do you do?

The diameter of air bullets is usually standardized as 4.5mm or 5.5mm. However, air bullets can also be found in larger or smaller diameters.

Air projectiles can be used for hunting, target shooting, competition or recreational purposes. Some people may also use air bullets for home security or self-defense purposes.

Air bullets can be of various types based on weight, shape, material and other characteristics. Some examples include round, diabolo, hollow point, wadcutter and pointed types of bullets.

The range of air bullets can vary depending on the bullet type, velocity and other factors. Generally, the range of air projectiles can vary from 10 to 50 meters.

Air bullets are quieter, less dangerous and more economical than other types of guns. Also, air gun bullets can be more easily purchased as they are not as regulated in some countries as other guns.

Because air rifles work using compressed air or CO2, the recoil is much less than other guns. Therefore, air bullets are an easier and more controllable option, especially for beginners.

Air shells do not require a special permit for their storage and use. However, air bullets may have certain legal restrictions in some countries or regions. Therefore, it is important to check compliance with local laws before use.